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Ligament Of Treitz – An Overview

The human body is a marvel of biological engineering. A number of organs are contained within this body with the function of each organ being a vital component of life. Although many of these organs are prominent in their location, some others are more underlying and hence their functions are not always appreciated the way they should be. A good example of such an organ is the Ligament Of Treitz. This organ connects the diaphragm and the duodenum of the small intestines. The Ligament Of Treitz also goes by the name ‘Suspensory Muscle of Duodenum’.

The name of the Ligament Of Treitz itself has been derived from Vaclav Treitz. He was a Czech pathologist and was the first person to discover this organ in the year 1853. This muscle was subsequently named in his honor. Coming to the physical characteristics and importance of this organ to the human body, the Ligament Of Treitz is quite small in size but performs a very vital function for the human body. The organ is located at a very strategic point within the body and this allows it to act as a suspensory ligament.

The Ligament Of Treitzis composed of muscle tissues that are very small. In the human body, these muscles can be found in the area of the duodenum and extend all the way upto the diaphragm’s left crus. The Ligament Of Treitzis responsible for linking two major organs of the body, viz. the small intestine and the diaphragm. The ligament possesses skeletal muscle that is quite slim and this is what allows it to provide the connectivity function. The functions of this ligament are performed by means of both expansion and contraction. The nature of a particular function decides if the ligament needs to contract or expand.

For example, the contraction of the Ligament Of Treitz causes the suspensory duodenum to widen the angle between itself and the dudenojejunal flexure. This contraction of the ligament is vital to the human body. This is simply because this contraction is responsible for the movement of all the intestinal contents. While the role that this ligament plays might seem insignificant on paper, its implications in real life are anything but unimportant. There are countless people suffering from problems related to the Ligament Of Treitz. Damage to this part causes problems in the entire abdominal area and affects the whole body as well. As such, one should take all measures necessary to keep this muscle in a healthy state.